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New generic Screen Protector NOTE: Please do not perform installation in a dusty environment. Please read installation steps from the two tabs on the front and back protector ...

MRP $29.71

Got your new moto G? Now it's time to protect it with care and love. This hard case cover gives double protection and it is a shock proof case. Features: Made for users who ...

MRP $11.01

The toughest yet luxury case with metal bumper cover for Samsung Galaxy A series.

  • Anti-Knock
  • Anti-Shock
  • ...

MRP $46.71

Universal fish eye mobile phone camera lens This fish eye mobile phone camera lens is compatible for almost all brands. With this mobile phone camera lens, ...

MRP $17.30

Absolute Screen protector For Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 edge and S6 edge Get a better clarity and ultimate protection for your mobile phone screen. This high ...

Rated 4.67 out of 5

Adorable and Formal Samsung Galaxy Luxury Mirror Case The case comes with admirable features such as, Electroplated mirror case for all models except S7 Edge. ...

Rated 4.75 out of 5
MRP $21.17

Best Cases and Covers For Your Cell Phones

Casecovergalaxy.com is an online experience like never before where customers can find a host of products designed innovatively and imaginatively that help to protect gadgets and devices, including cell phones, tabs, laptops, and other gadgets.  We merchandise best cell phone cases and covers specifically made for different Samsung Galaxy and Apple Iphone

Phones are prone to suffer damages due to unforeseen circumstances such as accidentally dropping on a hard surface, getting scratched by rubbing on a hard object, feeling unnecessary jolts and impacts or getting water splashed on the phone. In order to prevent damage to costlier parts of a phone such as the touch screen and the inner electronics, cases and covers are offered with scratch resistance, shock resistance and impact resistance properties besides offering resistance to dust, grease, oil and abrasion.

Types of Cases and Covers:

While the primary role of cases and covers are to protect phones getting damaged due to unexpected conditions they also serve the purpose of being image enhancers. These protection accessories are made of various materials that possess unique properties. The properties of these materials are used to offer products that enhance beauty or masculine features or feminine features.

For instance, leather gives a rich look. Polyurethane leather cases or covers offer a huge choice of vibrant colors. Metal cases can be polished to a high degree to look flashy and serve the purpose of a mirror. Metal cases can also be electroplated, including gold plating providing additional sheen to the cases. Thermoplastic urethane cases and covers offer strength and transparency just as polycarbonate cases do.

The cases and covers are presented in ways that attract a wide spectrum of users with a variety of themes aimed at different segments of the market. There is the camouflage theme for the military type, fluorescent animal theme for the flashy type and geometric and graphic theme for the modern type.

Browse CaseCoverGalaxy.com and discover the latest cases of different types such as Metal case, power case, bumper case, leather case, flip case and more.

Our Mission:

Our two word mission is ‘Customer Satisfaction.’ We do everything in our power to achieve this mission. Our team members are professionally competent in their fields be it design, procurement, packing, website management, handling customer objections, providing information and clarification. They are dedicated to the customers wholeheartedly and leave no stone unturned in providing an online experience that is pleasant and satisfactory.

We also keep our eyes and ears open throughout the year to scout for better products to feature on our website. We are constantly on our toes to create opportunities for our customers to benefit from our efforts. We endeavor to offer our products at prices that customers can’t complain about. We recognize and anticipate customers’ needs and come up with some wonderful offers that may be linked to seasonality, festivals and holiday seasons.

We take a long-term view of our business and engage our customers frequently and periodically with a view to build strong relationships based on mutual trust and very satisfactory product experience. As a part of our continuous engagement strategy we are active on social media and take steps to participate and interact with customers on a regular basis.

We take feedback very seriously and encourage our customers to send us feedback so that we can examine the issues raised by the customers and implement suggestions that are feasible and within our control.

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